From the first shoots

From the first shoots

It all starts here, every year.To make your own cava.

The cavas of the Ses Vernes estate evoke a whole professional tradition in Blanes: the link between the town and the world of wine.A loving process that starts from a selected grain by grain and that results in some original limited production cellars made only with Blanes grapes.


If you want to know how we make the artisanal production process in Ses Vernes, keep reading.

For Sant Josep the vine is green.

As the saying goes, the first shoots are found in mid-March, after seeing the dry, bare vine for many months, no one can contain the smile when they see the first shoots, it is a beautiful spectacle, but the real spectacle is just beginning.

Sprout in green.

It's time to sprout, as you will see all the processes we do in Ses Vernes are manual, it is a small vineyard and it allows us to do it this way and so we can take care, watch the vines well to maintain a very high level of quality.

When the vines begin to grow, it is time to choose which ones are suitable and which ones are not.This work is done by hand one by one and is called green sprouting.


During the life cycle of the strain one must be very alert to the most common diseases.One of them, perhaps the most prominent and recurring in the vineyards is mildew, which is why we treat the vineyard with the so-called "Bordeaux broth".Bouillie Bordelaise"invented by the peasants of Bordeaux.

Second outbreak.

Spring is advancing, summer is approaching and the vine continues to produce new shoots, from each vine new buds and new droplets are born.But beware!We will not let all the vines grow.You must re-select which ones are suitable and which ones are not.And we will spring again by hand, this time with scissors, for the second time.

Climb the lines

As the vine climbs through its ridges we will have to go up the lines where the plant rests and so you can continue climbing to the maximum height.Again, this is a manual job and care must be taken to keep the plant between the two lines.

Stand out.

The time will come when the plant will reach the top of the vine.And some vines will still want to go higher, we will also remove them to focus the strength of the plant on the fruit.This is called sticking and is done, as you must have imagined, manually one by one with the help of a cane, as these are located more than 2 meters high and in this by the time the vine is very thick and well laden with drops.

The truth.

Crucial moment of the cycle.From the measurement of the sugar in the grapes we know the alcohol content of the cava.When the grade is right, it should be harvested, as the grade may increase with each passing day.On the other hand, if it rains we will not be able to harvest, as it mixes rainwater with grapes and would significantly lower the quality of the final product, for which we have worked all year.

It is very important to harvest at the right time, when the conditions are the best.

The harvest takes place around September 11th.It is traditional for neighbors, friends, acquaintances and everyone else to come to the harvest, as all grapes must be removed as soon as possible.Sometimes the threat of rain causes the date of the harvest to be brought forward a couple of days.In those days everyone was paying attention to the harvest.