Who are we

We are three well-rounded generations who value our knowledge to make the best product we can make.

From time immemorial, vineyards were cultivated in this land, today all vineyards have been turned into forests.
We wanted to recover the traditional mail of the vineyard, produce the most excellent grapes that can be made by pouring, time and effort and seek the experience of those who know best to end up producing this wonder that, if you want, you can taste and check for yourself.

We aim to give value to the authentic cava produced in Blanes since the first outbreak.

We make artisanal, organic cava and we want the people of the nearby counties to own it.Either because it is a local product, or because it is organic or because it is an artisan product.

But above all, because it is absolutely excellent.And this is shown by the awards he has received on multiple occasions.