Shipping policy

General conditions for shipments and deliveries

Delivery times are made on weekdays from Monday to Friday

  • These deadlines may be affected by local or national holidays, especially Christmas, or special promotions such as Black Friday.
  • SES VERNES, SL reserves the right to modify the shipping and delivery deadlines and without prior notice in the case of large products or special products.

Destination of the shipment

SES VERNES, SL undertakes to deliver the requested products in perfect condition to the address specified at the end of the order, provided that the destination is covered by the transport agency.Products will be shipped to the permitted areas indicated at the time of order completion.In general, the permitted areas are all the municipalities of Spain.

In the "Finish Purchase" section, you can provide your billing information and add, if necessary, another address at which you want the delivery to take place.

Delivery time:

Delivery time is usually between one and three working days.

If you have an order already placed and your stock can be delayed, we will notify you of the possible delay and offer you a new approximate delivery time.If you do not agree with the proposed new deadline, you may cancel your order at any time unless it has already been prepared and delivered to the shipping agency.

In no case will SES VERNES, SL be liable for the consequences arising from a delay in the shipment or loss of the package by persons outside the transport contract.Delivery times may be altered due to extraordinary problems of the carrier, the transport company or difficulties in delivery.

Delivery process

The delivery of the products is done through the transport agency to the customer's address or the address indicated by the customer at the time of completion of the purchase.Therefore, in the absence of the recipient, a receipt will be issued in order to arrange a second delivery attempt.

Similarly, the shipping costs of the products will be reflected at the time of completion of the purchase and are calculated based on the destination.It will be understood as "products already delivered" at the time of signing the receipt of these to the specified address.

Impossible to deliver:

SES VERNES, SL reserves the right to modify or delete without prior notice any product or article on our website, and at any time, if circumstances do not allow us to process or send.

We are not responsible to our customers for removing or modifying a product from our website or for not processing an order, even though we have already sent the order confirmation.